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    Okaypos is a leading provider of barcode, receipt printing, point of sale and RFID solutions, company based in China. Since 2008 we have worked hard to earn a reputation of being dedicated, reliable, and customer-oriented. Additionally, we are product experts with deep experience in field concerning retail, inventory and point-of-sale solutions. 

    Okaypos continues to grow year after year. We have one overriding objective: Mutual trust, customers first. We work hard to listen carefully and tack in all efforts to meet your requirements. Then, we make orders easily for you while providing a great value. 

    We believe that e-commerce belongs to everyone. From the entrepreneurs who realize their dreams of starting a business to the storefronts and restaurants that project new perspectives onto our streets. Communities are shaped by those businesses. With the right technology, business owners can sell more, make their customers happier, and actually make life better. Our goal is to build a growing relationship with you, and we appreciate the every opportunity to serve you!

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Okaypos Technology Company Limited

Tel: +86 13850006717

Phone: +86 13850006717

Email: dave18@okaypos.com

Add: Dagang Industrial Zone, Shilou Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, CN511440

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